As we move into a future of climatic challenges and uncertainty, how we work our land and use our water is critical. Many current practices are simply unsustainable. Keeping our water in our watersheds for food that provides nourishment for our communities, along with honest evaluations about the carrying capacity of our watersheds and the impacts of our practices, are necessary to maintain healthy environments that will continue to provide for us. Organic and ecologically-minded practices are essential. Seed saving and seed adaptation will ensure that we are growing with the changes. Let us be thoughtful stewards of the land so our children's children have clean water, healthy food, and healthy futures.




Lee-Ann Hill, Farmer and Seedster; M.A. Cultural Ecology

During her career in river and landscape conservation, Lee-Ann became exceedingly interested in land practices that supported and offered ecological services. This interest led her to a Masters' Program at Prescott College where she studied traditional land management with an eye on food systems. She learned from the pros in Northern New Mexico during her studies with Pueblo and Hispano farmers. She also worked on an organic farm in Abiquiu and a seed farm at the Tesuque Pueblo.  The seed farm was a critical step on her path that became a focus on seed adaptation and seed sovereignty.

By the end of her Masters' studies, Lee-Ann was hooked on farming and seeds. After working at a farm in Costa Rica, she returned to her "homeland" in Northwest Colorado, where the winters are exceptionally long and the growing season is exceptionally short. Her career and her passion led her to Southwest Colorado, to work on river conservation and start her own farming operations where she contemplates and integrates water and landscape conservation, and seed adaptation. After working for six years with Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance as the Program Director developing and managing the Heritage Grain Trials Program and the Seed Stewards Program, and then as Executive Director, she has returned to her passion of growing and sharing seeds at Laughing Wolf Farm.

David Sessions, Tractor Driver and Repair Man


With Midwestern farm country roots, Dave specializes in fixing things, from computers in his day job for over 30 years, and as the Founder and Owner of the Mac Ranch for 20 years, to all things around the farm in his spare time including wheelbarrows, tools, farm trucks, and especially tractors. There is never a shortage of fun for Dave on the farm.

Ozzy, Head Hound, and in loving memory of Eva


Like his sweet predecessor Eva, Ozzy keeps a watchful eye, ensuring the deer do not encroach, and managing the kitties who are almost a full-time job. Ozzy entertains the farmer crew with his comical personality and sincere interest in staying true to his "work," even when he's playing.



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